Friday, February 19, 2010

Ob/Gyn Rotation

Before I even begin talking about my Ob/Gyn rotation, I would like to offer one piece of advice: As soon as you get to the Obstetrics floor, put on the BIGGEST booties (for your shoes) you can find. Shoes get ruined in this rotation!

Overall I really enjoyed my Ob/Gyn rotation, but I quickly learned it was not for me. My school's 2 month rotation was set-up very well. Every week, students rotate through a different specialty clinic/surgery center. It was very well planned by the clerkship director.

I prefer Gyn over Ob. You have more of a bond between you and your patients in Gyn. The stories are also much more entertaining. For example: I was asked if shaking up a coke bottle and opening it inside the vagina was effective to expel sperm. You can't make these things up.

Ob is much more intense. Lots of emotions flying around the room. Not very sanitary. Not my thing.

Another hint: When performing your end of rotation practical (OSCE), do not use slang terminology. Someone I know (not me I promise) used "vault" during the practical. It doesn't help your grade.

The rotation can be lots of fun and informative if you let it. I definitely have a greater respect for Ob/Gyn after my rotation; however, I will not be entering this field. If you love moments of chaos, spontaneity, and procedures, consider this field.

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