Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Children Poll

I recently posted a poll asking "How many children could you raise in medical school?" I won't even provide all the stats because there was an overwhelming majority saying they could raise a grand total of ............0.

I asked this question because there is a number of students in my class that are currently raising children. While I am in the majority that doubts I could ever raise children in medical school, the group in our class that have kids are doing amazing. Two classmates have 3 kids under the age of 10!!!! Wow! And all of them are wonderful kids.

So for those thinking about raising a family in medical school - it is definitely possible. Just make sure you have a VERY supportive spouse.

Family Medicine

Its been awhile since I posted, but I am now also done with family medicine. It was a lot more fun than I expected. I love trying (and hopefully succeeding most of the time) to diagnose anything and everything. Still, I am not a big fan of DRE's, and I am sure it will only get worse once Internal comes around.

Overall my school gives students a lot of autonomy in family, and it really facilitated learning. I think family provided me with a solid background for whatever I decide to specialize in. I know that many students bash family for the lack of pay, prestige, etc., but I think everyone should give it a chance. You will learn a lot and have a lot of fun doing it.