Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mission Trip

This past week I participated in a small medical mission trip within the small town of Canutillo(sidenote: If you haven't ever been on a medical mission trip, you are missing out). There was a bunch of MSI's, a couple MSII's, and a few MSIII's watching over everything. While we didn't have all the medications that I would have liked, I think we did a lot of good. On top of all the good we did, I learned a few things myself.

For one, I love teaching. 90% sure I will go into academics at least part-time.

Second, be careful with needles. We had an MSI stick herself with a used needle, and I had to get her to the hospital for bloodwork. Everything turned out well though.

So whether you are a pre-med, med student, or doctor try to make time for medical mission work. It can be lots of fun.