Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pediatrics Rotations

I am finished with my pediatrics rotation, and it was much more fun than I ever expected. I've always liked kids, but I honestly thought peds was going to be constant crying/screaming. It wasn't. For the most part, all of the kids were pleasant, and I can't believe that I ever was willing to do so much for a sticker.

Coming into medical school, I thought that peds would be one of my least favorite rotations, but it has actually been my favorite. I came into med school thinking Emergency Medicine was my future, and I thoroughly believed that I would be that 1 person to not change my mind. While I may still do EM (nothing is set in stone yet), I definitely see myself specializing in something with kids. My flavors of the week: Child Psych, Pedi Endocrinology, Pedi EM - in that order.

I still have 3.5 rotations left so things may change considerably. Let's just hope I am 100% sure of something by the time I have to submit applications!